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Life merely is a journey of defining moments, whether it’s getting married, buying new house or continuing education, AmMoneyLine / AmMoneyLine Facility-i is your companion in this voyage. It allows you to get extra cash whenever you are in need. We have made it real quick and simple so nothing stops you from savouring the great moments in life.

Cash-Out-Plan Debts Consolidation Plan


  • Low interest/profit rate from 8.00%-11.99% per annum
  • NO guarantor/collateral required
  • Payment period 12-60 months


Maximum 10X of your Gross Monthly Income or RM150k whichever lower approval amount


UP TO 150K

High disbursement loan/financing amount up to RM150k



Enjoy 5% cash rebate on total interest/profit paid when you make your payment on time


Cash Out Calculator

Looking for a calculator? Just fill in the fields below to find out your monthly installment amount

(Min. RM2,000, Max. RM150,000)


Debts Consolidation Plan

  • Simplify your finance by consolidating your credit cards and loan/financing accounts into ONE
  • Save up to 2% per annum on interest/profit
  • Better approval as no double count on DSR with minimal document needed


Better cash flow management from ONE account


Repayment up to 60 months tenure


Competitive rate for immediate interest/profit savings


Debt Consolidation Calculator

Find out what your new monthly payments would be and how soon you could be debt free.



Tell us your current outstanding balance and monthly repayment on your cards and/or personal loans.



Select the installment tenure (12-60 months)


Your Debt Consolidation Plan

Current total monthly payment



Case Study

Mr John is currently paying RM5,000 of minimum payment monthly for total Five (5) credit cards outstanding of RM100,000 charged at 18% per annum on normal credit card interest/profit rate.

His new debt consolidation personal loan/financing with AmBank was successfully approved in just a week without double count on his latest DSR.

Mr John's new monthly payment amount will be RM2333.33 with lower interest/ profit rate at 8% per annum for 60 months. He was informed that he will be entitled for extra 5% rebate on total yearly interest/ profit paid if he pays on time.

Current Financial Situation

Outstanding Amount: RM100,000
Interest / Profit: 18% p.a.
Monthly Payment: RM5000.00

M= RM100,000 x 5% = RM5000 18% p.a. RM5,000 monthly
RM100,000 x 5% p.a. = RM5,000-->

With Debt Consolidation Plan

Borrowing Amount: RM100,000
Interest / Profit: 8% p.a.
Monthly Payment: RM2333.33

M =
RM100,000 + (RM100,000 x 8% x 5)

  • Minimum aged 21-60 years old (upon maturity of facility)
  • Malaysian citizen or P.R. working in Malaysia
  • Salaried Employed:
    • Existing-to-bank: RM36,000 p.a. and above
    • New-to-bank : RM60,000 p.a. and above
  • Self-Employed :
    • Existing-to-bank: RM60,000 p.a. and above
    • New-to-bank : RM120,000 p.a. and above
A copy of NRIC (Front & Back) AND
Employed Fixed Salary Earner:
  • Latest 3 month salary slips with Bank Statement Salary is credited/ latest BE form with corresponding Tax Payment Receipt OR
  • Latest 3 months' EPF statements
For Commission Earner and Variable Income Earner:
  • Latest 6 consecutive months' Commission Statement/ Statement of Account with Bank Statement Income is credited/ Latest BE Form/ with corresponding Tax Payment Receipt OR
  • Latest 3 months' EPF Statement
Self-employed Sole Proprietor
  • Form A & Form D (BusinessRegistration)
Partnership :
  • Form B & Form D (Business Registration)
  • Return of allotment of Shares (formerly known as Form 24) & Notificationof change in the registration of Director, Manager and Secretaries Form(Formerly known as Form 49)
  • Certificate of incorporation of Private Company (Form 9) or
  • Constitution of a written confirmation duly singed by director confirmingthat the company does not have Constitute (formerly known as M&A) or
  • Notification for change in the registered address (formerly known as Form44)(if applicable)
Income documents:
  • Latest 6 consecutive months' Company/*Personal Bank Statement & Summary of Bank Statement Analysis; or
  • Latest BE & B Form with corresponding Tax Payment Receipt & Latest 1 monthCompany Bank Statement; or
  • E-Filing acknowledgement receipt & Latest 1 month Company Bank Statement
    *Applicable to sole proprietor

  • No guarantor / collateral required
  • Flexible tenure –1 year to 5 years
  • Low interest/profit rate from 8.00% to 11.99% (EIR/EPR 14.13 to 21.55%)
  • 5% Rebate on yearly interest/profit paidfor prompt paymaster
  • High disbursement loan/financing amount up to RM150k*
  • No Processing Fee / No Settlement Fee
*Loan/Financing amount of RM150,000 for existing bank customer only.

Type of Employment Financing Amount Profit Rate per annum(%) Effective Profit Rate for 60 months (%)
Self-Employed/ Commission Earners RM2,000 to RM100,000 11.99% 20.30%
Salaried Employees RM 2,000 to RM 20,000 RM 2,000 to RM 20,000 17.26%
RM21,000 to RM 50,000 8.50% 14.92%
RM51,000to RM150,000 8.00% 14.13%

Type of Employment Salaried Employees Self-Employed/ Commission Earners
Financing Amount
Monthly Payment (RM) Monthly Payment (RM)
1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year
5,000 458 250 181 146 125 467 258 189 154 133
10,000 917 500 361 292 250 933 517 378 308 267
20,000 1,833 1,000 722 583 500 1,867 1,033 755 617 533
50.000 4,521 2,438 1,743 1,396 1,188 4,666 2,583 1,888 1,541 1,333
80,000 7,200 3,867 2,756 2,200 1,867 7,466 4,133 3,022 2,466 2,133
100,000 9,000 4,833 3,444 2,750 2,333 9,333 5,166 3,777 3,083 2,666
150,000 13,500 7,250 5,167 4,125 3,500 13,999 7,749 5,665 4,624 3,999

1-timeStamp Duty 0.5% of total loan/financing disbursed amountfor conventional and Islamic product.
Early Settlement Charge NO early settlement fee/charge but customers require to give 1 month notice in advance.
Late Payment Charge 1% per annum on monthly installment/payment or any amount due but remaining unpaid.

  1. What is AmMoneyLine/ AmMoneyLineFacility-i?
    • AmMoneyLine/ AmMoneyLineFacility-i is an unsecured Personal Loan/Financing which require NO collaterals or guarantors.
    • This product has a fixed monthly payment schedule and is available under both conventional and Islamic banking.
  2. What are the benefits of our product compared to PL/PF from other banks?
    • 5% YEARLY cash back/rebate for prompt paymaster (paid out on the 13th month of every year. For final year installment; paid out will be on the 12th month).
  3. Do I have to pay the Service Tax?
    • No. Service tax will NOT be imposed.
  4. Is there any handling fee or charges?
    • No.
  5. How much is the Stamping Fee?
    • 0.5% of total loan/financing disbursed amount for conventional and Islamic product.
  6. Is there any fee or advance payment deduction from the loan/financing amount approved?
    • No
  7. What are the interest / profit rates?
    • Interest / profit rate is depending on Employment Type and Financing Amount. It ranges from 8.0% to 11.99% flat per annum. (EIR:14.13 to 21.55%)
  8. Who is eligible to apply for the PL/PF?
    • Malaysians
    • Gross Minimum Income of RM5,000 per month (Basic salary plus fixed allowance) for New to Bank (and Sole Proprietor, Partnership. Existing-to-bank customer income requirement is RM3,000.
    • Age 21 to 60 (at maturity). Eg: If the applicant is 56 years old, he/she can only apply for a loan/financing tenure of not more than 4 years.
  9. What are the minimum and maximum loan/financing amount and tenure offered?
      Loan/Financing Amount Loan/Financing Tenure
    Minimum RM2,000 12 months
    • RM100,000 (For NTB)
    • RM150,000 (For ETB)
    60 months
    • Subject to credit assessment and approval
  10. Will customers be notified if the application is approved or declined?
    • Yes. customer will be notified via SMS on the status of application. Letters to be received for approved PL/PF :
      - Letter of Disbursement
      - Letter of Commencement (Upon loan disbursed)
  11. How do customers receive the funds?
    • Funds will be depositedto customer’s individualAmBank/AmBank Islamic Current/Savings Account or directly payoff to financing/loan account proceed under debts consolidation.
    • Disbursement is strictly to active first party account only.
    • Disbursement to offset Loan/Financing account is not allowed.
  12. How fast can customers obtain the funds?
    • Loan/Financing will be approved and disbursed within 72hours (forcompleted documentation scenarios).
  13. How much is the Late Payment Charges?
    • 1% per annum on monthly instalment or any amount due but remaining unpaid.
  14. How much is the Early Settlement Fee/Charge?
    • No early settlement fee/charge but customers require to give 1 month notice in advance for early settlement.
  15. Can customers restructure their installments or interest/profit rates?
    • All installments are deemed as fixed and no changes are allowed to be made.
  16. When do customers get their statements?
    • Statement will be issued every year end (December) via hardcopy.
    • Deployment to AmOnline
  17. How do customers pay their monthly installments?
    • By direct debit standing instruction from AmBank/AmBank Islamic currentor savingsaccount/-I.
    • By using transferfund via online banking or GIRO.
    • By cash at any AmBank/AmBank Islamic branch nationwide.
    • By cash through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) or Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  18. Can customer pay the installments by signing up for a Standing Instruction with other bank?
    • Yes. Customer need to sign up the standing instruction with the bank that he/she wish to appoint.
  19. When do I have to make my 1st payment?
    • The period of payment of the facility and interest/profit rate thereon as stated in the Disbursement Letter
    Disbursement date Due Date
    1st to 4th 20th current month
    5th to 19th 5th following month
    20th to 31st 20th following month


AmMoneyLine Facility-i


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